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BMHK D2 Throwing Spades

BMHK D2 Throwing Spades


* 1/8” D2 steel 
* 2.5” blade 
* 6” handle 
* leather throwing side pouch 
* leather scales with copper rivets 

Have you ever got the rush of sticking your first knife? I would be careful for it is truly is addicting. There is no other feeling like it. Knowing you hurled a chunk of sharp Hardened steel through the air as it flips end over end and the “Thud!” It actually hits it’d mark... well it stuck. You might have been aiming 2’ higher but it actually stuck so you don’t care! You will never forget that felling this I can promise you.  

I have been throwing knives since I was a youth. I can specifically remember the day my father build a new side gate for our yard. It was 1995 in Phoenix AZ and the summer was hot and boring. 

Me and my best friend would throw stake knives in his tree he had in his back yard. It was fun, most the time we would miss chucking the stake knives with big thick wooden handles like they were ninja stars praying that it would hit blade first. At times it would. 

I finally saved enough money to buy my first set of throwing knifes from the Knife Shoppe at PV mall in Arizona. I had no idea what I was doing but by luck I actually ended up with a good set of knives. Gil Hibben Original large piece set is what I walked away with. (Still have 2 of them today, lost one camping)

When I got home I marveled at the big blue gate hanging from the side of the house, it must have been 6x10 made out of 2x6s, paint was still fresh.

Oh I remember that big blue fence alright... also won’t forget my big blue and purple rear end after my pops found out what all the noise was on the side of the house!

I have no idea what I was thinking. All I knew is I had a brand new set if throwing knifes. My best friend was not home so his tree was not available to me. But I had a perfectly good target in front of me! 

I held the knife by the blade (military half spin was the only throw I had mastered at the time) took a few steps back and let her rip! “Thud” direct hit. It stuck hard and it stuck deep. I was grinning ear to ear. I had never owned a throwing board. I was not aware if the damage a blade could do to wood. The 2’ round diameter tree me and my best friend throw knives at still was there... plus it only makes a small sliver of a whole! That’s all my mind needed to justify the hrs throwing session I had on that pretty blue new fence! 

It was like tunnel vision for me, all I cared about was the sticks! One right after another! Again and again and again!!! Hrs later my dad comes out to let me know dinner was ready... as he rounds the corner all I hear is “ What the HELL are you doing!!!” 

This was my first reality check back to earth physically and mentally, for moments before I was in another world! I was fighting nazis in WW2 I was out of Amo in an enemy trench and alI I had was a crate full of bayonets! One by one as the nazis entered the “Big Blue” room where Hitler was (which they did not know he was dead due to my very first accurate and formative throw.) they would be met by a sharp blade flying through the air!!! I must have killed 500+ nazis that day... not only did that fence look like it was laid down and repeatedly ran over by a tiller but there was a clear sliver where you could see daylight coming through the other side of that pretty blue gate. Yes I got grounded!

Moral of the story is... these are throwing knives designed by me for the beginner thrower! Very durable D2 steel will out last you and your kids. Very well balanced blades that will allow you to learn with ease and be able to teach your kids! 

And for God sake hit me up on Instagram @bmhknives for any tips on building a good throwing board or knife throwing tips if you buy this set! Throwing knives will chew up wood like a fat boy eating cake! Much love every one thank you for your time.

(Please note all BMH knives are individually hand made and might vary slightly from pictures and from blade to blade.)
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