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Peccary - Cerakote Wash (Grey)

Peccary - Cerakote Wash (Grey)


* 1/8” chisel ground  A2 tool steel 
* Blade 2.5”
* Handle 2.5”
* Cerakote Wash Gun Metal Grey 
* Cerakoted aluminum Scales Black 
* Riveted leather scout carry Sheath
* Acrylic hand turned bead with paracord lanyard 

The BMH Peccary is the perfect mini EDC (every day carry) Tanto. Little brother of the BMHK Nameless Tanto, the Peccary (Which is the scientific name for javelin) might be small but packs a significant punch! It’s size has nothing to do with it’s extremely surgically sharp and very utilitarian blade.

It’s design was based around the three finger knife but with the added bead and 550 paraCord lanyard you can achieve surprising great purchase and control. 

It’s Military Grade Cerakote 2 part epoxy paint protects the carbon in this steel from rust and corrosion. If low maintenance is a factor for you then a Cerakoted BMHK is the way to go. This durable coat of paint is very resistant. But do know it will scratch against rock or sharp steel but will most likely be surface scratches which still protect your blade. Each knife receives 2 coats of this durable Cerakote paint. It is not just sprayed on with a thin coat it’s hand brushed, every blade. 

If you are wanting a different look or just like customizing your baldes you can disassemble your Peccary scales and pop out the scale carrier in the middle of the blade handle. This will turn it into a skeletonized blade that can receive its own custom paracord wrap of your choosing. 

Also after market custom scales can be had in virtually any color and material type including carbon fiber, titanium, exotic woods and more. Contact me on my Instagram for current inventory of after market custom scales. @bmhknives 

Whether you are using it for self defense or just as an every day blade this system will not let you down. It’s monolithic sheath construction slips on your belt and leaves no hot spots. You truly forget it’s there. Concealment is a 9 out of 10 and can be worn anytime anywhere for any occasion. 

The design has a simple unique clean look that you won’t get anywhere else is a head turner. The Peccary is in its own class and is a must buy for anyone who has an affinity for small functional baldes. 

Out of all the knives I make my collectors claim the Peccary is the most noticed and asked about blade when they carry. Conversation starter award definitely goes to the Peccary system! 

This blade is also compatible with any BMHK Peccary journal systems! Make sure you check those out too.

(Please note all knives are individually hand made and might vary slightly from pictures and from blade to blade)
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