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Time to change things up...

Hope this message finds you all well. As you all have noticed my engagement on Instagram has been very quiet as of late.

At this time in my life I has decided to take some time off Socal media to clear my head and try a new approach to my art.

Being as prolific as I was on IG finally took a toll on me. Not only that, the way IG has switched up there algorithms did not help the situation at all. I feel that my IG page demanded much of my time and energy and my knife making suffered because of it.

I want to continue to grow as a knife maker and produce a product that best reflects me and my skills at the present time.

More of my energy will be focused on building my knives and showcasing them on here for you all to see or purchase. Trust me I miss you all on IG but this was something I've needed to do for a while now.

As a result I truly believe that you guys will end up with a better product when its all said and done. Thank you to all my collectors who have stuck with me over the years through good times and bad. Your loyalty is much appreciated and not forgotten.

90% of my products that I sell will be posted on here with vivid descriptions and video content too ensure the best purchasing experience for my collectors.

I also plan on using the subscriber email list to communicate with you all. So I encourage you to check any emails sent by BMHknives. It won't be spam but specific content informing you on sales, new product, and auction times for IG.

Im not 100% sure what IG for BMHK will look like in the future, I'm still figuring that out. I like the idea that I post some content of finished products and also letting my following know when new product has hit the website.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you all! Thank you all so much once again and I will chat with you all later! Much love and good knives good vibes!!

Lobsang (the artist currently known as Blake)

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